Goodbye, jQuery. Hello, React!

A 12-part series that teaches you how to make a WordPress plugin using React

Learn how to build a React-powered WordPress plugin

Javascript is the future. Get on board with this course.

Take Every Opportunity to really beef up your JavaScript Chops — Matt Mullenweg, Creator of WordPress

There's good evidence available that learning Javascript in 2020 should be in your best interest. This course will help you get up to speed with the latest development techniques and skip all of the hard research that I had to do up front :)

What You'll Learn

In this course, you will learn how to build and ship a React-powered WordPress plugin from scratch. We'll go into detail on the whole process, from setting up your build processes to component interaction and exporting for production. No boilerplates or starter templates here. That way, you'll know exactly how everything works and what purpose it serves.

You can find me on Twitter here ? Davey-boy's Twitter

I've been working with WordPress for 8 years, and have been successfully selling many different WordPress plugins since 2012. It's my only revenue stream, and it allowed me and my family to travel the country while working remotely. Now, it's time to share what I've learned along the way.

Join me, will ya?

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